Vicarb Company Profile

Plates and Gaskets for Vicarb Heat ExchangersVicarb Group was purchased by Alfa Laval in 1999 and is based in France.


Vicarb Heat Exchanger Models


Heat Exchanger Plate Dimensions

Vicarb Heat Exchanger Plate and Gasket Model Numbers

Plate ModelAreaSize ASize BSize CSize DSize EGasket
Vicarb V10012230,55402000310155Vicarb V100
Vicarb V110Vicarb V110
Vicarb V1201,220508051589620250Vicarb V120
Vicarb V130Vicarb V130
Vicarb V13-V13 Ball0,1373924262513070Vicarb V13-V13 Ball
Vicarb V1701,7218112001681700400Vicarb V170
Vicarb V1801,825309452135550300Vicarb V180
Vicarb V20-V20 Ball0,298924287513070Vicarb V20-V20 Ball
Vicarb V2602,6299212002492700400Vicarb V260
Vicarb V280,281052393882234100Vicarb V28
Vicarb V40,045001254306230Vicarb V4
Vicarb V45-V45 Ball0,4514723931302234100Vicarb V45-V45 Ball
Vicarb V550,5512955501133330150Vicarb V55
Vicarb V60-V60 Ball0,615105401280540155Vicarb V60-V60 Ball
Vicarb V7Vicarb V7
Vicarb V80,0864118855318849Vicarb V8
Vicarb V850,8517506551475380200Vicarb V85
Vicarb VU12Vicarb VU12
Vicarb VU8Vicarb VU8

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