Tranter Company Profile

Plates and Gaskets for Tranter Heat ExchangersTranter, owned by Dover (DOV:NYSE) is a global heat exchange technology company that  was created by automotive pioneer R.E. Olds in 1932 to manufacture eutectic plates for refrigerated delivery trucks. Headquartered in Lansing, MI, USA, the company was purchased by J.R. Tranter five years later. In the late 1940s, the firm developed PLATECOIL® Prime Surface Heat Exchangers as immersion heaters or coolers and as exchanger panels integral or attached to process vessels.

In 1967 Tranter acquired a plant in Wichita Falls, TX, adding oilfield equipment to its product line. Tranter began the process of relocation from Lansing to this plant. In 1972, Tranter added SUPERCHANGER® Gasketed Plate Heat Exchangers to its line through a licensing agreement. By the mid-1980s, Tranter had moved all production to Wichita Falls and concentrated manufacturing exclusively on the two plate heat exchanger lines. In the 1990s, Tranter’s vision became global with the acquisition of the Sweden-based ReHeat and SWEP gasketed plate heat exchanger product lines and their representation network in Europe, Asia, and Australia.


Tranter Heat Exchanger Models


Heat Exchanger Plate Dimensions

Tranter Heat Exchanger Plate and Gasket Model Numbers

Plate ModelAreaSize ASize BSize CSize DSize EGasket
Tranter 11TTranter 11T
Tranter GCD006Tranter GCD006
Tranter GCD012Tranter GCD012
Tranter GCD030Tranter GCD030
Tranter GCD054Tranter GCD054
Tranter GCD055Tranter GCD055
Tranter GCD065Tranter GCD065
Tranter GCP026Tranter GCP026
Tranter GCP030Tranter GCP030
Tranter GCP051Tranter GCP051
Tranter GCP060Tranter GCP060
Tranter GF057Tranter GF057
Tranter GF097Tranter GF097
Tranter GF187Tranter GF187
Tranter GFP030Tranter GFP030
Tranter GFP050Tranter GFP050
Tranter GFP057Tranter GFP057
Tranter GFP080Tranter GFP080
Tranter GFP097Tranter GFP097
Tranter GFP100Tranter GFP100
Tranter GFP180Tranter GFP180
Tranter GFP187Tranter GFP187
Tranter GLD013Tranter GLD013
Tranter GLP013Tranter GLP013
Tranter GM138Tranter GM138
Tranter GM257Tranter GM257
Tranter GM276Tranter GM276
Tranter GM56Tranter GM56
Tranter GM59Tranter GM59
Tranter GX012Tranter GX012
Tranter GX018Tranter GX018
Tranter GX026Tranter GX026
Tranter GX042Tranter GX042
Tranter GX051Tranter GX051
Tranter GX064Tranter GX064
Tranter GX091Tranter GX091
Tranter GX100Tranter GX100
Tranter GX12Tranter GX12
Tranter GX18Tranter GX18
Tranter GX26Tranter GX26
Tranter GX42Tranter GX42
Tranter GX51Tranter GX51
Tranter GX64Tranter GX64
Tranter GX85Tranter GX85
Tranter GX91Tranter GX91
Tranter GXD012Tranter GXD012
Tranter GXD018Tranter GXD018
Tranter GXD026Tranter GXD026
Tranter GXD037Tranter GXD037
Tranter GXD042Tranter GXD042
Tranter GXD051Tranter GXD051
Tranter GXD060Tranter GXD060
Tranter GXD064Tranter GXD064
Tranter GXD085Tranter GXD085
Tranter GXD091Tranter GXD091
Tranter GXD100Tranter GXD100
Tranter GXD140Tranter GXD140
Tranter GXD145Tranter GXD145
Tranter GXD180Tranter GXD180
Tranter GXP018Tranter GXP018
Tranter GXP026Tranter GXP026
Tranter GXP037Tranter GXP037
Tranter GXP042Tranter GXP042
Tranter GXP051Tranter GXP051
Tranter GXP118Tranter GXP118
Tranter HX012Tranter HX012
Tranter HX025Tranter HX025
Tranter HX050Tranter HX050
Tranter HX085Tranter HX085
Tranter HX12Tranter HX12
Tranter HX180Tranter HX180
Tranter HX25Tranter HX25
Tranter HX50Tranter HX50
Tranter HX85Tranter HX85
Tranter HXD012Tranter HXD012
Tranter HXD025Tranter HXD025
Tranter HXD050Tranter HXD050
Tranter HXD085Tranter HXD085
Tranter HXD145Tranter HXD145
Tranter HXD180Tranter HXD180
Tranter HXP050Tranter HXP050
Tranter S3Tranter S3
Tranter S8Tranter S8
Tranter TW10Tranter TW10
Tranter TW18Tranter TW18
Tranter TW5Tranter TW5
Tranter UX01Tranter UX01
Tranter UX05Tranter UX05
Tranter UX066Tranter UX066
Tranter UX06TTranter UX06T
Tranter UX10Tranter UX10
Tranter UX20Tranter UX20
Tranter UX40Tranter UX40
Tranter UX801Tranter UX801
Tranter UX81Tranter UX81
Tranter UXP005Tranter UXP005
Tranter UXP010Tranter UXP010
Tranter UXP060Tranter UXP060
Tranter UXP200Tranter UXP200
Tranter UXP400Tranter UXP400
Tranter UXP801Tranter UXP801
Tranter UXP900Tranter UXP900

Tranter Video Instruction Library