Tetra-Pak Company Profile

Tetra-Pak Heat Exchanger logoTetra Pak​ is one of three companies in the Tetra Laval Group – a private group that started in Sweden. The other two companies are DeLaval and Sidel. Tetra Laval is headquartered in Switzerland.​ Tetra Pak strives to protect the safety of food and the environment. Tetra Pak has developed a range of packages to protect both the nutritional value and the​ taste of the products which include water, milk, juice and other liquid foods.

Website: www.tetrapak.com

Tetra-Pak Heat Exchanger Models


Heat Exchanger Plate Dimensions

Tetra-Pak Heat Exchanger Plate and Gasket Model Numbers

Plate ModelAreaSize ASize BSize CSize DSize EGasket
Tetra Pak C6Tetra Pak C6
Tetra Pak C8Tetra Pak C8
Tetra Pak C10Tetra Pak C10
Tetra Pak FRONT6Tetra Pak FRONT6
Tetra Pak FRONT8Tetra Pak FRONT8
Tetra Pak FRONT10Tetra Pak FRONT10
Tetra Pak M10BBASETetra Pak M10BBASE
Tetra Pak M10MBASETetra Pak M10MBASE
Tetra Pak M3XBASETetra Pak M3XBASE
Tetra Pak M6BASETetra Pak M6BASE
Tetra Pak M6MBASETetra Pak M6MBASE
Tetra Pak MN-6Tetra Pak MN-6
Tetra Pak MN-10Tetra Pak MN-10
Tetra Pak MN-11Tetra Pak MN-11
Tetra Pak MN-15Tetra Pak MN-15
Tetra Pak MP-11Tetra Pak MP-11
Tetra Pak MS-10Tetra Pak MS-10
Tetra Pak MS-15Tetra Pak MS-15
Tetra Pak MS-3Tetra Pak MS-3
Tetra Pak MS-6Tetra Pak MS-6
Tetra Pak T6-SRTetra Pak T6-SR

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