Schmidt Company Profile

Based in Bretten, Germany, API Schmidt Bretten is a global leader in the design and manufacture of a wide range of heat transfer technologies that service virtually every industrial market including food and beverage, dairy, compressors, air separation, chemical processing, mobile vehicles, power generation, pharmaceuticals, HVAC, and a wide variety of general industrial applications. API Schmidt Bretten manufactures plate heat exchangers for the cooling of bearings, lube oils and rotor blades of diesel or gas motors and steam and gas turbines. Furthermore API Schmidt-Bretten provides big central cooling heat exchangers.


Schmidt Heat Exchanger Models


Heat Exchanger Plate DimensionsSchmidt Heat Exchanger Plate and Gasket Model Numbers

Plate ModelAreaSize ASize BSize CSize DSize EGasket
Schmidt Bretten Sigmastar 55v0Schmidt Bretten Sigmastar 55v
Schmidt Bretten Sigmastar 9017959700Schmidt Bretten Sigmastar 90
Schmidt Bretten S470Schmidt Bretten S47
Schmidt Bretten Sigmastar 4517959700Schmidt Bretten Sigmastar 45
Schmidt Bretten S70,075701564809030Schmidt Bretten S7
Schmidt Bretten S90,0947941567049030Schmidt Bretten S9
Schmidt Bretten S120,113752191,538Schmidt Bretten S12
Schmidt Bretten S160,156967188,538Schmidt Bretten S16
Schmidt Bretten S200,299029686017849Schmidt Bretten S20
Schmidt Bretten S220,24999029686017849Schmidt Bretten S22
Schmidt Bretten S170,13497919686811051Schmidt Bretten S17
Schmidt Bretten S27 Clip0,246110729598017472Schmidt Bretten S27 Clip
Schmidt Bretten S26 Snap0,259111530598017472Schmidt Bretten S26 Snap
Schmidt Bretten S270,246110729598017472Schmidt Bretten S27
Schmidt Bretten Sigmastar 32-35V1200355105022573Schmidt Bretten Sigmastar 32-35V
Schmidt Bretten S320,3671202350105623075Schmidt Bretten S32
Schmidt Bretten S370,3431230355107621888Schmidt Bretten S37
Schmidt Bretten S37 Clip0,3431230355107621888Schmidt Bretten S37 Clip
Schmidt Bretten S520,5814164781252314120Schmidt Bretten S52
Schmidt Bretten S650,65516774961471290138Schmidt Bretten S65
Schmidt Bretten S65 Clip0,65516774961471290138Schmidt Bretten S65 Clip
Schmidt Bretten S66 Snap0,65916784981471290138Schmidt Bretten S66 Snap
Schmidt Bretten S850,8921344961928290138Schmidt Bretten S85
Schmidt Bretten S640,65516614811471290140Schmidt Bretten S64
Schmidt Bretten S1081,0719757071675425227Schmidt Bretten S108
Schmidt Bretten S1141,119787081675425227Schmidt Bretten S114
Schmidt Bretten S1381,3923827072081425227Schmidt Bretten S138
Schmidt Bretten S156 Snap1,4922509501835560335Schmidt Bretten S156 Snap
Schmidt Bretten S149 Snap1,4922509501835560335Schmidt Bretten S149 Snap

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