Polaris Company Profile

Plates and Gaskets for Polaris Heat ExchangersPolaris only manufactures plate heat exchangers in their Louisville, Kentucky plant. Polaris Heat Exchangers are carefully engineered to fit the custom demands of the individual jobs for which they’re selected. All Polaris Heat Exchangers embody the refined technology that makes them exceptional in so many ways by delivering efficiency, reliability and long life in dozens of demanding applications.

Website: www.polarisphe.com

Polaris Heat Exchanger Models


Heat Exchanger Plate DimensionsPolaris Heat Exchanger Plate and Gasket Model Numbers

Plate ModelAreaSize ASize BSize CSize DSize EGasket
Polaris S100 SonderlockPolaris S100 Sonderlock
Polaris S120Polaris S120
Polaris S14A Hang-onPolaris S14A Hang-on
Polaris S15Polaris S15
Polaris S20Polaris S20
Polaris S20A Hang-onPolaris S20A Hang-on
Polaris S21A Hang-onPolaris S21A Hang-on
Polaris S22 SonderlockPolaris S22 Sonderlock
Polaris S30Polaris S30
Polaris S35Polaris S35
Polaris S37 SonderlockPolaris S37 Sonderlock
Polaris S38 SondersnapPolaris S38 Sondersnap
Polaris S39Polaris S39
Polaris S43Polaris S43
Polaris S43 SonderlockPolaris S43 Sonderlock
Polaris S47 SonderlockPolaris S47 Sonderlock
Polaris S4A Hang-onPolaris S4A Hang-on
Polaris S50Polaris S50
Polaris S62 SonderlockPolaris S62 Sonderlock
Polaris S64 SonderlockPolaris S64 Sonderlock
Polaris S65Polaris S65
Polaris S65 SonderlockPolaris S65 Sonderlock
Polaris S7A Hang-onPolaris S7A Hang-on
Polaris S8 SondersnapPolaris S8 Sondersnap