Hisaka Company Profile

Plates and Gaskets for Hisaka Heat ExchangersHISAKAWORKS S.E.A., focuses on providing all international clients high quality and performing Plate Heat Exchanger (PHE) and Brazed Heat Exchanger (BHE).

HISAKA heat exchangers had contributed to a wide range of industrial applications, namely:

Chemicals and Petrochemicals
Food and Beverages
Iron Steels and Other Metal Works
Palm Oil
Pulp and Paper

Website: www.hisaka-asia.com

Hisaka Heat Exchanger Models


Heat Exchanger Plate Dimensions

Hisaka Heat Exchanger Plate and Gasket Model Numbers

Plate ModelAreaSize ASize BSize CSize DSize EGasket
Hisaka EX11Hisaka EX11
Hisaka EX15Hisaka EX15
Hisaka LX00A slit-inHisaka LX00A slit-in
Hisaka LX10A slit-inHisaka LX10A slit-in
Hisaka LX20Hisaka LX20
Hisaka LX20A slit-inHisaka LX20A slit-in
Hisaka LX30A slit-inHisaka LX30A slit-in
Hisaka LX40Hisaka LX40
Hisaka LX40A slit-inHisaka LX40A slit-in
Hisaka LX50A slit-inHisaka LX50A slit-in
Hisaka RX11A slit-inHisaka RX11A slit-in
Hisaka RX13A slit-inHisaka RX13A slit-in
Hisaka RX30A slit-inHisaka RX30A slit-in
Hisaka RX70Hisaka RX70
Hisaka SX41Hisaka SX41
Hisaka SX43Hisaka SX43
Hisaka SX90Hisaka SX90
Hisaka SX90MHisaka SX90M
Hisaka UX01Hisaka UX01
Hisaka UX10Hisaka UX10
Hisaka UX100Hisaka UX100
Hisaka UX10A slit-inHisaka UX10A slit-in
Hisaka UX20Hisaka UX20
Hisaka UX20A slit-inHisaka UX20A slit-in
Hisaka UX30Hisaka UX30
Hisaka UX30A slit-inHisaka UX30A slit-in
Hisaka UX40Hisaka UX40
Hisaka UX40A slit-inHisaka UX40A slit-in
Hisaka UX80Hisaka UX80
Hisaka UX90Hisaka UX90
Hisaka YX80Hisaka YX80

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