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Plates and Gaskets for Donghwa Heat ExchangersDongHwa Entec aspires towards becoming a ‘World Class Company’ with Heat-Exchanger Technology.

Since its foundation in 1980, DongHwa Entec has been specializing in manufacturing a wide range of heat-exchangers, from marine heat-exchanger repairing service to heat-exchangers for power-generation and plant industry. Currently, we are heading into new arena of special heat-exchanger for LNG liquefaction & gasification plant, and accelerating the development of heat-exchanger for next-generation aircraft engine.

Donghwa also successfully diversified overseas business in Southeast Asia, Middle-East and Europe. the assertive management and high-quality strategy allowed us to develop foreign markets so that we directly exported our products to ship-yards in Japan and Southeast Asian countries and it became a source of foreign exchanges.

The global market competitiveness was achieved, and we supply our products to the top 6 shipbuilders and top 3 engine manufacturers, small-and-medium ship-yards and shipping liners in the Korean market.


Donghwa Heat Exchanger Models


Heat Exchanger Plate Dimensions

Donghwa Heat Exchanger Plate and Gasket Model Numbers

Plate ModelAreaSize ASize BSize CSize DSize EGasket

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